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Free your Dev+Ops teams from the burden of manual observability and application monitoring.

Make sense of your chaotic cloud-native environments with Instana’s fully automated application observability, delivering the context needed to take intelligent actions and ensure optimum application performance

Success Stories from Instana's Customers

“We had Instana integrated and up and running in 15 or 20 minutes… and were able to dig into the dashboards to see how the end users were using it, and see how the backend systems were functioning”

Ed McLain
Principal System Architect

“Instana’s one of the core tools [managing] our operations. All our metrics, SLOs, and SLIs are defined within Instana and trigger our alerting chain. It’s the backbone of our SRE team and the whole platform operations.”

Tobias Baumgart
Director, E-Commerce Platform
Conrad Electronic SE

“Instana makes it very easy for us to drill down into each of our top KPIs and metrics, allowing us to optimize different parts of our stack and locate performance issues. We’ve made improvements based on those metrics, and to this day, continue to do so.”

Marcus Sengol
SVP of Technical Operations
Leaf Group

What our customers are saying!

“Once [our] software teams adopt Instana, they turn into fans. Looking at internal satisfaction scores and feedback from the more established teams, Instana comes up as something that’s really driving value and trust in the cloud native infrastructure stack we’ve built.”

David Van Damme
Director DevOps and Infrastructure
Yara International

“With Instana, our day-to-day goal is to be able to guarantee a latency expectation. Our goal for service calls is to complete within less than 250 milliseconds. So, it’s not just for fire drills. In the day-to-day, we’re able to improve performance, and that drives us toward that 250 ms goal. Instana makes this possible.”

Bryce Hendrix
Lead Platform Architect

“[With Instana,] I don’t have to dig and troubleshoot and scratch my head so much. I get an alert and it’s easy to find out what it’s about because you can see the stack and you can trace steps back, view into the cluster, and know what’s happening inside. That’s been the biggest benefit.”

Jenni Huovinen
System Architect

Awards and Reviews

Gartner Names Instana a 2021 Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for APM

Gartner Names Instana a 2021 Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for APM

EMA Recognizes Instana a Top 3 Observability Platform

EMA Recognizes Instana as a Top 3 Observability Platform

G2 badge for Top 50 Products for Cloud IT Management in the Best Software Awards for 2022
User Love Us Spring. 2022

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Founded in 2015 and acquired by IBM in 2020, Instana is growing fast. We're still building the best Observability solution in the market, driven by our commitment to using automation and AI to make real business impact for our customers. Our strong remote work culture provides superior support to our global customers – and work-life balance for our employees. Diverse teams of “Instanauts” are distributed worldwide, from Germany to Silicon Valley and everywhere in between.
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