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Automatic Visualization and Performance Analysis of Your Full Application Stack

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APM for Dynamic Applications

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Cloud, Container and Microservice Native

Instana was built to monitor cloud, container, and microservice applications.

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Built to Monitor

Automatically Discover, Align, and Calibrate

Instana automatically creates an accurate picture of your application’s structure and dependencies.

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Precise High Fidelity Visibility

1 second granularity, only 3 seconds to process and deliver these metrics to your screen

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Continuously Model the Dynamic Environment

AI requires an accurate data model to provide accurate results. Instana provides unmatched accuracy

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Real-time AI Driven Incident Detection and Prediction

Instana aligns alerts with business impacts and can predict impending service outages

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AI-Powered Problem Resolution and Troubleshooting

Instana’s AI-assisted troubleshooting leverages full visibility, the Dynamic Graph and AI-driven Incident management. Instana automatically identifies the most likely trigger of an Incident.

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Instana’s automatic application monitoring seamlessly keeps up with our release frequency
allowing us to innovate and deliver with confidence in days instead of weeks.


David Merryweather

VP of Infrastructure and Site Reliability at Macmillan Learning