The Best Software Incident is One that Never Occurs

Instana –Where Automated Incident Prevention Meets AI-Driven Incident Remediation

Real-time Observability delivers 1-second detection and 3-second notification

Instana’s fully automated real-time observability platform puts performance data in context to deliver rapid issue prevention and remediation.

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Elements of AI-Enhanced Observability

Elements of AI-Enhanced Observability

Real-time Observability

  • Provides 1 second real-time observability metrics.
  • Monitors mobile, web and application perspectives.
  • Traces every end-to-end mobile, web and application transaction.
  • Provides full context across the application infrastructure.
  • Maps, monitors, and traces every production application across all cloud environments.
  • Supports all physical, virtual and serverless services and functions.
  • Automated Smart Alerts that provide threshold-based alerts based on out-of-the-box blueprints.
  • Automatic full stack code profiling that takes you to root cause with a few clicks.
  • Fully correlated and unsampled transaction traces that instantly identify application and infrastructure issues.
  • Automatic unbounded analytics for every metric and trace.
  • Fully integrated support for Prometheus, Jaeger, Grafana, cAdvisor, Fluent, Telepresence and other open-source technologies.
  • Open-source telemetry support using both Open Collector and high performance Instana Agent’s knowledge graph correlation.
  • Automatic unbounded analytics for every OpenTelemetry metric and trace.
  • Ongoing integration of new Open Standards and Open Source technologies.
  • Automated AI-driven intelligent actions to prevent or minimize troubleshooting and optimize performance.
  • Automates setup, monitoring, tracing, and profiling for all applications and services.
  • Automatically captures and isolates browser and mobile application errors, including JavaScript.
  • Integration with IBM Watson AIOps and Turbonomic ARM to enable fully automated, semi-automated, or manual remediation procedures in real-time.

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