October 8, 2019

Instana Adds Deep Inspection of GraphQL Queries and Performance to Microservice APM Solution

Company is first APM provider to deliver complete GraphQL system and query details for application performance monitoring

San Jose, CA at API World – October 8, 2019 – Instana, the leading provider of automated application performance management (APM) solutions for dynamic microservice applications, today announced the extension of monitoring and tracing capabilities for applications using GraphQL as part of their infrastructure, including deep inspection of GraphQL queries. This latest extension makes Instana the first APM provider to monitor GraphQL and the applications making use of the unique data query engine.

“Since application and microservice platform technology continues to evolve, it’s critical for application management solutions to keep pace,” said Chris Engelbert, Developer Advocate at Instana. “By monitoring and tracing GraphQL performance in addition to the application, Instana provides the exact data needed to optimize performance of GraphQL queries.”

Instana captures the GraphQL HTTP traffic and displays the executing query as plain text. Instana goes further, though, parsing the actual GraphQL queries – making Instana the only APM solution to provide complete comprehensive GraphQL monitoring as part of the automated solution.

Instana’s automated Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution discovers all application service components and application infrastructure, including GraphQL, Jenkins, Kubernetes and Docker. Instana automatically deploys monitoring sensors for each part of the application technology stack and traces all application requests – without requiring any human configuration or even application restarts. The solution detects changes in the application environment in real-time, adjusting its own models and visualizing the changes and impacts to performance in seconds.

“Ultimately, application providers are driven to create the best possible user experience,” said Chris Farrell, Director of Marketing at Instana. “By providing monitoring and deep inspection of more components, Instana’s comprehensive and automated monitoring delivers the precise data that application stakeholders need to optimize application performance, especially for platforms such as GraphQL.”

Instana’s GraphQL monitoring and tracing is part of Instana’s larger dynamic application and infrastructure monitoring that includes support for everything from Java application code to specialty microservice querying platforms. The company will be showcasing their solution, including the new functionality, at API World in San Jose (Booth #207). Learn more at Instana.com.


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