January 13, 2020

Instana Adds Support for CRI-O Infrastructure and Application Monitoring

Leading Kubernetes Monitoring Provider Instana Expands Run-Time Platform Support to Include CRIO

Chicago, IL and Solingen, Germany – January 14, 2020 – Building on its leadership position in the Kubernetes application management solution industry, Instana today announced support for managing CRI-O Kubernetes run-time containers and the applications that run on that infrastructure.

“Instana is committed to providing the broadest and deepest application performance management solution for Kubernetes-orchestrated applications.,” said Chris Farrell, Instana Director of Technical Marketing. “The addition of support for CRI-O as a Kubernetes run-time gives our customers maximum flexibility to select their favorite orchestration engine and run-time containers.”

The first application performance management solution to natively monitor container infrastructure and containerized applications, Instana expands its technical leadership in the containerized application management industry with today’s announcement. Similarly to what it does with other technology monitoring, Instana automatically discovers, deploys, monitoring and analyzes data from CRI-O, correlating infrastructure and application information with other monitoring information.

Instana was the first APM solution to monitor applications that ran in containerized environments orchestrated with any Kubernetes distribution including opensource K8s, Red Hat OpenShift, Tectonic, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, Amazon Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, Pivotal Kubernetes Service and Rancher Kubernetes.
Over the last two years, Instana has built on that technology, starting with the unique ability to monitor the Kubernetes infrastructure, correlated with the applications running in the environment. Last year, Instana further expanded its Kubernetes monitoring footprint with instant access to Kubernetes performance information and applications running in a K8S environment.

While today’s announcement is not the first time additional container technologies beyond Docker have been supported by Instana, it does represent the first time that Instana is including CRI-O specific information in the overall orchestration, container and application monitoring environments.

Unlike other APM solutions, Instana fully automates the entire lifecycle of application monitoring including application discovery and mapping, monitoring sensor and agent deployment, and application infrastructure health monitoring. When any update occurs to dynamic applications, Instana recognizes that a change has happened within the application, and then automatically makes the appropriate adjustments to maps, monitoring thresholds and health dashboards. Visit https://www.instana.com to learn more about Instana, as well as CRI-O and other Kubernetes environments.


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