November 17, 2020

Instana Allows Kubernetes-Based Deployment and Management of Self-Hosted On-Prem Version of Application Performance Management Solution

Streamlines deployment, updates and on-demand scalability to match how other software is deployed

Chicago – November 17, 2020 – Instana, a leading provider of APM and Observability Solutions for Cloud-Native and microservice applications, today announced the ability to deploy their on-premise self-hosted solution via Kubernetes. Earlier this year, the company migrated their self-hosted solution to Docker, making it easier for customers to update. This latest announcement now allows organizations to use the same process to deploy and update Instana application monitoring as they use to deploy the applications Instana manages.

“Instana is proud of our examples of leading the charge for monitoring applications running on Kubernetes,” said Chris Farrell, Observability Strategist at Instana. “The ability to deploy and update Instana’s self-hosted back-end using Kubernetes allows ops teams to streamline their software deployment and automate their on-demand scaling for the most efficient operations of performance management software.”

Available today for the self-hosted on-premise version of Instana’s back-end, the new deployment option allows DevOps teams to deploy and update their performance management software with the exact same tools they use to provision and manage the infrastructure of the applications Instana manages.

One benefit of using Kubernetes to manage on-prem Instana is the ability to automatically scale on the fly, without human interaction or having to roll out additional compute resources. This makes it easier for operations teams to deploy the management tool across more applications.

Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform, powered by automated Application Performance Monitoring, discovers and maps all services, infrastructure and their inter-dependencies automatically. Instana ingests all observability metrics, traces each request, profiles every process and updates application dependency maps in real time to deliver the context and actionable feedback needed by Dev+Ops to optimize application performance, enable innovation and mitigate risk to help them add value and efficiency to the pipeline.

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Instana, an IBM company, provides an Enterprise Observability Platform with automated application monitoring capabilities to businesses operating complex, modern, cloud-native applications no matter where they reside – on-premises or in public and private clouds, including mobile devices or IBM Z.

Control hybrid modern applications with Instana’s AI-powered discovery of deep contextual dependencies inside hybrid applications. Instana also gives visibility into development pipelines to help enable closed-loop DevOps automation.

This provides actionable feedback needed for clients as they to optimize application performance, enable innovation and mitigate risk, helping Dev+Ops add value and efficiency to software delivery pipelines while meeting their service and business level objectives.

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