January 16, 2019

Instana Releases First EUM Solution To Provide Unbounded Analytics™ Of Browser Response Time Automatically Correlated To Microservice Performance

First APM Solution to Include Free EUM Empowers Developers to Precisely Determine Response Time Contributions and Immediately Optimize End-User Experience

Solingen, Germany and San Mateo, CA – January 16, 2019 – APM provider Instana has removed the boundaries of performance analytics to provide an infinitely flexible way to analyze and understand end user experience. Instana’s Unbounded Analytics is now available in the company’s latest release of End User Monitoring (Instana EUM), included with the Instana APM service. The latest Instana EUM release captures 100% of all user requests, provides easy filtering to find all page loads from specific user IDs, and enables detailed performance analysis of every request from the browser frontend through the server-side backend.

“With today’s applications growing in complexity, the ability to analyze every request, with no limits on how to slice and dice the data set, from the browser through all the microservices is critical for DevOps and CI/CD,” said Mirko Novakovic, Instana co-founder and CEO. “In fact, since end user monitoring is a critical part of overall performance management, Instana is providing this functionality in our APM solution for free! The new Instana EUM is included with our APM offering.”

Instana’s Unbounded Analytics allows users to apply filters to the Trace data set, in effectively unlimited combinations, enabling developers to find the exact Request or Trace needing attention. Since all Traces, which now include the web performance data, are available automatically, finding challenging performance issues is easier for the whole DevOps organization.

Instana EUM includes a multitude of browser-side data such as page loads, resources, HTTP requests, and JavaScript errors, allowing Site Reliability Engineers and Developers to identify and analyze a variety of situations including:

  • Identify browser-side performance regressions for specific types and versions of web browsers
  • Analyze every request from a specific user session to understand the exact conditions that resulted in errors or performance issues
  • Immediately understand if a problem is in the browser or server-side and identify the root cause of any poor performing user request

“With the new EUM analytics capability, combined with the amazing fact that Instana captures every single end-user request, our devops team is able to understand exactly how our customers are experiencing the Edmunds.com service,” said Stephanie Byrd, Cloud Services Technical Lead at Edmunds.com. “For example, we can analyze the performance experienced from Seattle in the last two hours and correlate that to our microservices performance, helping us isolate issues and optimize our customer experience and retention. It is quite powerful to have every request in the Instana data set at our fingertips.”

For frontend developers, Instana EUM collects the same data available on the network tab of browser-side Developer Tools, but records this information historically for every user request. With Instana, developers will never need to struggle with re-creating problems by guessing how users were making web requests. Instead they will have the actual diagnostic data readily available in the Instana UI to quickly understand the root cause of any slow or erroneous user request.

Instana’s automatic application monitoring solution discovers application infrastructure and service components, deploys monitoring sensors for the application’s technology stack, traces all application requests – without requiring any human configuration or even application restarts. The solution detects changes in the application environment in real-time, adjusting its own models and visualizing the changes and impacts to users in seconds.

The new Instana EUM capabilities are included for free with the company’s APM solution. Learn more at https://www.instana.com/eum.


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