March 15, 2018

Instana Releases Grafana Plugin To Enable Seamless Integrations, Customizable Dashboards And Multiple Data Sources

Company’s AI-Powered Analysis and High Resolution Data Collection Now Powers Grafana Custom Dashboards

San Francisco, CA – March 15, 2018 – Instana, the leader in APM solutions for monitoring dynamic containerized microservice applications, today announced the release of a Grafana premium datasource plugin for application and service performance metrics. Another example of Instana’s commitment to open source standards, the Grafana Premium Datasource Plugin for Instana allows seamless creation of custom Instana dashboards with the leading open source dashboard platform.

“Hybrid Cloud architecture, virtual servers, containers and microservices have created more complex application environments,” said Barry Laffoy, DevOps Engineer at ClearScore. “By combining Instana’s automatic discovery, mapping and monitoring capabilities with Grafana’s custom dashboards, all our Operations stakeholders will have the ability to see everything they need in a personalized view.”

Instana’s APM solution enables IT organizations to deliver services and applications more quickly and efficiently by automating the management of business-critical applications in containerized environments. The company’s solution leverages automation and AI to automatically monitor, visualize and understand service and application performance for dynamic containerized microservice applications; correlating performance and tracing data to help guide users to potential problems and corrective actions. Continuous discovery and mapping provides always accurate infrastructure and application service visualization, even under constant change.

“Instana’s new Grafana plugin demonstrates the company’s commitment to work with open source data and visualization solutions,” said Fabian Lange, Instana vice president of engineering. “Whether it’s custom dashboards, trace metrics from OpenTracing or other data sources, Instana’s ability to connect intelligent automation, data correlation and AI powered problem analysis with other solutions helps IT teams make the most of their application monitoring.”

Instana’s Grafana Plugin allows users to use Grafana’s open source dashboarding and reporting software to build custom dashboards and create a personal visualization of application, service and web site performance data. Meanhwile, Instana’s AI-powered performance analysis and high fidelity data collection keeps monitoring overall application performance and identifying evey potential service disruption.

The Grafana Datasource Plugin for Instana Application Monitoring is available now at Visit to learn more.

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