Deliver Unrivaled End User Experiences

Achieve Perfect Application Execution
With AI-Powered APM

Application Delivery Organization Process 2 condensed

In the new application delivery organization. Application Developers, Front End Developers, and Site Reliability Engineers are responsible for delivering perfect user experiences. Meet and exceed every user’s expectations using AI powered APM from Instana.

End User Monitoring


Every request timed, traced, and analyzed – ensure the quality of every user interaction


Full support for AJAX and SPA frameworks for your modern technology stack


Fine tune Instana’s automatic health analysis – precise root cause analysis identifies unique issues in seconds


End to End Application Observability


Every application, microservice, and infrastructure dependency continuously discovered and correlated ensuring accuracy of root cause analysis


Immediate, automatic impact analysis for continuous integration and delivery of new code


AI powered configuration analysis using expert knowledge – ensure consistent and optimal delivery of applications and microservices

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