APM for Cloud-Native Applications

Real-time visibility into your cloud-native applications, wherever they’re deployed

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Optimize the performance of your cloud-native applications with automated monitoring, root cause analysis and performance optimization

Monitor Cloud-Native Applications in Any Cloud Infrastructure

Manage applications and services no matter if they’re on Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or Multi-Cloud

No matter where the applications and services run, Instana automatically finds each service and deploy the appropriate monitoring sensors including cloud infrastructure sensors.

Find and Visualize Service Dependencies Across Clouds

In Hybrid and Multi cloud environments, Instana doesn’t lose track of transactions as they move between cloud and infrastructure systems.

Monitor Cloud-Native Applications in Any Cloud Infrastructure

Play with Instana’s APM Observability Sandbox

Benchmark and Validate Application Rollouts and Migrations

Automatically Capture Performance Snapshots

Automate the discovery, monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting of applications and services running in a known good environment. Compare performance snapshots before/after updates and/or migrations.

Immediate Feedback on Impact of Any Changes

Understand the impact of any code changes within seconds of deployment to maintain high performance, service stability and availability no matter how often you deploy.

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Be Cloud-Native to Manage Cloud-Native Applications

Understand and expose the entire technical stack, including cloud native platforms

Tie the performance together of each piece of the technical stack, especially cloud-centric cloud-native solutions such as databases, message systems, security, storage, orchestration and more.

Monitor Individual Cloud Services - such as Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes

Manage cloud deployment and resource management systems such as Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, including cloud-specific environments like RedHat OpenShift).

Get the Ultimate Guide to Kubernetes Application Monitoring

Kubernetes orchestration provides a nice level of (resource) management, but that’s not the same as APM