Monitoring Container-Based Applications with Instana Observability

Automated Observability of Docker, container, CRI-O, Kubernetes, Rancher and the Applications Running Across Them

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Discover, Map and Monitor Every Container

Discover Every Container’s Complete Technology Stack

Automatically discover all containers and the technologies running inside them, deploy appropriate monitoring sensors, and begin tracing application requests

Full Stack APM Discovery and MOnitoring

Automatically Visualize Your Entire Container Map

Identify and visualize relationships / dependencies between all containers and application components running inside them for complete observability

Discover, Map and Monitor Every Container

Play with Instana’s APM Observability Sandbox

Manage Containerized Application Performance

Manage the Application, the Tech Stack and the Container

Protect service integrity by collecting high fidelity application metrics, identifying changes and incidents in real time, tying any incidents to specific applications.

Identify the Source of Problems Anywhere in the Stack

Automatically identify whether service incidents are caused by an issue with the container run-time, the infrastructure platform or the application component.

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Get Immediate Feedback on Any Container or Application Change

See Every Update in Real Time

Detect, analyze and understand every change, every deployment and every container so you can immediately see and resolve any negative impact.

Monitor Kubernetes Container Orchestration

Understand the full impact of Kubernetes container orchestration on the performance and stability of your microservices and applications.

Get the Ultimate Guide to Containerized Application Performance Monitoring Best Practices

Protect Your Container Investment with the Right Monitoring Strategy.