Service Quality Visibility for Cloud-based Applications

In a cloud environment, you don’t have control over infrastructure. This makes it challenging to manage applications performance.

Whether your applications are running in Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud environments, the biggest application management challenge is understanding where hosts, containers and microservices are deployed and, more importantly, how all those application components work together to provide the services.

Map and Discover Components Wherever They Are

Instana discovers and maps every component, host and container, whether hosted on-prem, in a private cloud or a public cloud.

Dependencies between components are also discovered and mapped, even if they cross between cloud boundaries.

Understand Impact of Container Allocations in 3 Seconds

Understand Impact of New Deployments in 3 Seconds

Immediately pinpoint problems with new code deployments and technology updates, show the impact on service quality, and provide deep visibility into code, no matter where your code or component is deployed.

Detailed and Correlated Code Visibility

Trace requests across clouds and correlate each request to the exact environment, framework, container and host where it was executed – regardless of which cloud your code ran on.


Performance Monitoring and Visibility Across Cloud Providers

Automatically identify server location based on cloud availability zone and isolate the exact location of problems in hybrid environments. Instana aggregates service executions across all clouds into a single service view, with the ability to drill down and see performance of the service on each specific cloud provider.