Automatic APM for Microservices

Monitor Microservice Performance with Zero Effort

Ensure your microservices AND applications are fast and error free
  1. Automatically discover and monitor every software component
  1. Capture distributed traces for every user request
  1. Understand the interactions between every service

Accurately monitor microservices to detect every issue


No matter how often you deploy, Instana will automatically monitor and trace every request through your microservices, end-to-end – no code changes required


Your full technology stack is automatically and continuously discovered, monitored, and analyzed so that Instana will alert you to the root cause of issues before your users complain


There’s no need to change your source code, Instana AutoTrace technology automatically creates observability and collects monitoring data


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Know which services have the greatest impact on your application performance


Instana automatically understand dependencies of every service interaction and provides a dependency map that shows the components you care about most


All service endpoints are automatically detected and monitored for upstream and downstream service interactions


Every API or service call is automatically monitored whether they are to internal or external services. Hold your service providers accountable using performance data.

Immediately know why your microservices are slow or throwing errors


Monitor every request to your microservices including stack traces, payloads, and query details for a holistic view.


Correlate each component of the application stack to its microservice and monitor with 1 second metric granularity so you’ll know if resource contention is the root cause


Every error is recorded, correlated to each request, and analyzed making it easy to identify the root cause of any service error


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