Application Performance Monitoring and Observability for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Discover and monitor every service and Enterprise Service Buses - Automatically - to optimize application performance

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Ensure optimum application performance with automated architecture discovery and monitoring with zero human configuration.

Discover and Visualize ALL Applications and Services, Automatically Mapped

Visualize service dependencies and transaction flow

Discover and map all services and dependencies within the application architecture. Detect and visualize transaction flow from service to service

Manage the Enterprise Service Bus

Automatically monitor the health of your service queues on the ESB. Always understand the status of the queue, don’t let slow processing or non-responsive services bring your applications to a halt.

Discover and Visualize ALL Applications and Services, Automatically Mapped

Play with Instana’s APM Observability Sandbox

Never Miss an Application Performance Issue

Automatic Bottleneck Identification

Instana automatically identifies potential bottlenecks and prioritizes them based on the potential impact to services. Triggering events are identified, making it faster and easier to find and fix problems.

Immediate Feedback on Impact of Any Change

Understand the impact of any service changes within seconds of deployment to maintain high performance and service stability no matter how often you deploy

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Optimize Performance of All Applications

Discover, Map, Monitor, Trace, Analyze and Profile Everything - Automatically

The entire Application Monitoring lifecycle is automated, starting with service and application discovery. Monitoring is configured by the system - zero human interaction required. For troubleshooting, every request is traced and every process is profiled - automatically.

Automatic Incident Analysis and Troubleshooting

Using its understanding of normal behavior and system health, Instana automatically manages service problem alerting and root cause analysis, providing immediate understanding of current service impacts

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