Application Performance Monitoring for SREs

Automated Troubleshooting and Application Performance Optimization

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Troubleshoot Distributed Applications or a Single Service

Easily Troubleshoot End-to-End Applications

Trace every request across applications, end-to-end, to find which services are bottlenecks and where problems are likely located

Optimize Individual Application Services

Profile the performance of a single service, analyzing the service impact upstream and downstream of the service

Troubleshoot Distributed Applications or a Single Service

Play with Instana’s APM Observability Sandbox

Identify and Remove Application Bottlenecks Without Requiring Subject Matter Experts

Understand the End-to-End Service Flow and Application Architecture

Capture the end-to-end flow and performance of all requests to quickly understand service relationships and isolate bottlenecks

Application Service Map - for SRE-based Application Performance Monitoring

Quick, Easy Bottleneck Identification

Quickly identify services needing attention with the “Top 10” List, drilling down into service analysis with a single click

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Identify Application Optimization Opportunities

Easily Focus on Application Performance Issues

Instana allows quick and easy filtering that enables optimization analysis to be applied only on applications and/or services that are critical to the engineer.

Access to Trace Repository and Drill-Down with a Single Click

Analyze the service trace repository with a few clicks (no data query language to learn) and drill into individual traces to see the cause of any service issues and slowdowns

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Full stack visibility and distributed traces of every request help SREs identify and eliminate application bottlenecks