Automated APM Monitoring

Gain Real-Time Insight with High Fidelity Data

Deploy With Confidence

Always Accurate Monitoring - No Wasted Time, No Blind Spots

Free your DevOps teams from the drudgery of continuously configuring monitoring. Instana continuously discovers and maps all services, ingests observability metrics, traces each request, profiles every process, and maps all application dependencies - automatically.

Automated Application Performance Monitoring

Continuously Analyze All The Data, All The Time

See every anomalous event automatically. Instana utilizes stream processing to collect and analyze all data in real-time, making incoming data immediately actionable so you can resolve issues without delay.

Deliver Better Applications Faster

Get immediate, automated feedback on every new release, deployment, and version with a full understanding of the impact and changes so you’ll immediately know if a change had a positive impact, or needs to be rolled back.

Deploy With Confidence

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Deliver Optimum Application Performance

Understand Relational Dependencies with Contextualized Data

Instana’s Dynamic Graph records and models relationships between all entities in real-time, giving users knowledge of all inter-dependencies and the ability to break down what’s running or not running at any point in time. Instana’s Context Guide™ allows anyone to navigate through the Dynamic Graph so that every user, from Dev and DevOps to business executives, understands the impact of each and every service on other services, end-user experience, and overall service levels.

Define Your Applications in Meaningful Ways

Filter out the noise, cutting millions of metrics to just the ones that impact YOUR code, services, and applications. Instana’s Application Perspectives enable you to logically define and view individual applications so you can quickly find bottlenecks in the services you care about.

Visualize Service Dependencies in Context

Automatically visualize every dependency, with context, in an always up to date Dependency Map. Instana’s Dependency Map highlights all service and application dependencies, providing an easy understanding of how all your application components interrelate so you always know the upstream and downstream impacts of any issue.

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Resolve Issues Faster

Immediately Understand the Exact Cause of Any Issue

Take the correct action, immediately. Instana provides in-depth Root Cause Analysis of every incident that correlates all corresponding events using the Dynamic Graph. The resulting single alert contains a cause and effect report complete with hyperlinks to the details, providing DevOps teams with a shortcut to rapid incident resolution.

Eliminate The Noise of Symptomatic Events

Fight the cause, not the symptoms, event correlation of any service impact using a combination of dependency mapping and expert knowledge. Enable your DevOps engineers to work on the fix right away without wasting valuable time filtering through numerous discrete events.

Prevent Problems Before Customer Impact

Powerful, easy to use data analytics powered by Unbounded Analytics enables SREs to analyze trace and profiler data to spot potential bottlenecks and resource contention. DevOps teams are able to cross-cut through trace data in any dimension without any requirement to learn a specific query language, so they can get on top of any problem before problems get on top of you.

Expansive Coverage of Observability and Monitoring Use Cases

Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform enables Dev+Ops teams to immediately get to the root cause of any issue, service degradation, or end-user impact.

Enterprise Observability empowers you to understand the context of what’s being observed and take intelligent actions. With the most complete data set and full contextual correlation, Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform is the easiest way to optimize your systems.

Instana Technology in Action!!!

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