Automatic Application Performance Analysis

Eliminate application bottlenecks, identify all slow transactions and optimize performance

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Fine tune application performance to deliver the best possible user experience and ROI for the application technology stack

Discover and monitor all application system dependencies and relationships

Monitor Performance at Every Layer of the Application Technology Stack

Deploy monitoring for infrastructure, middleware, applications, back-end systems and more, tying each layer together in a holistic view of performance.

Full Stack APM Discovery and MOnitoring

Visualize Complete Service Map for each application

Map and visualize the relationships between individual services and end-to-end performance, allowing interactive performance tuning to take place in any part of the map.

Discover and monitor all application system dependencies and relationships

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Identify and Tune the Slowest
Application Requests

Capture End-to-End Distributed Trace of Every Request

Automatically capture a trace across each service and infrastructure component, from the users’ browsers to back-end storage and transaction systems.

Get Immediate Feedback Upon Deployment or Change of any Software or Infrastructure Component

Don’t wait a day, or even hours, to answer the question “did my update make a difference?”

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Optimize and Tune Application Performance

Use Trace Analytics to Uncover Hidden Application Performance Bottlenecks

Gather all traces and analyze them together, or filtered, to help identify patterns that may indicate systemic problems within the architecture.

identify Triggering Events of Application Slow-downs and Outages

Get advice on where to start looking for problematic services and code, with Instana showing you the event that began triggering the slowdown, making it easy to identify the actual root cause.

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