Distributed Tracing for Microservice Applications

Trace every request, across every service, to facilitate application troubleshooting and performance optimization

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Never miss any call or context with Instana AutoTrace automatically capturing every request and correlating traces from open source APIs.

Capture a Distributed Trace with Context For Every Request

Capture Every Request Across All Microservices With No Coding

With Instana AutoTrace™, capture a trace of every single request, from the end user’s browser through all microservices, across any infrastructure system.

Correlate Trace Data from Open Source Tracing APIs OpenTracing, Jaeger and Zipkin

Collect traces from both Instana’s automatic tracing and major open source tracing, combining the ease of automation with additional context from developer-instrumented traces.

Capture a Distributed Trace with Context For Every Request

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Immediately Understand the Cause of Slow Services

Enable Quick Troubleshooting with Traces and Automatic Root Cause Analysis

Instana’s Service Incident troubleshooting functionality isolates triggering events, while individual traces can isolate the exact microservice slowing everything down

Service Flow Analysis

Instantly see the impact, upstream and downstream, of each and every microservice, based on individual traces

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Analyze Trace Data to Optimize Individual and Aggregate Service and Application Performance

Analyze Traces Individually and Collectively

Include all traces inside Instana Unbounded Analytics™, which can find patterns across multiple individual traces to isolate broader performance issues

Dive Into Individual Services and Profiles

Instana automatically captures a Profile on every Java process, allowing developers to drill into their own code to debug or optimize performance.

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