Automatic Kubernetes Monitoring

Automatic Monitoring for Kubernetes and Kubernetes Applications

Monitor Kubernetes and everything it deploys in 5 minutes
  1. Automatically discover every service, every container, every pod, every cluster
  1. Automatically capture every request across your Kubernetes platform
  1. Automatically correlate related events into a single contextual alert

Continuously monitor Kubernetes applications at scale

Kubernetes applications at scale

Instana automatically discovers all the containers and services deployed by Kubernetes to provide full visibility into your applications, no configuration required.

Kubernetes applications at scale
Kubernetes applications at scale-01

Deploy, update, and scale Kubernetes applications as frequently as needed without gaps in your monitoring. New pods are immediately detected and monitored in real time.

Kubernetes applications at scale-02

Kubernetes services are automatically correlated to application services making it easy to analyze Kubernetes impact on performance.

Kubernetes applications at scale-02

Find performance problems before your customers do

analyze and transition between infrastructure

Easily analyze and transition between infrastructure, Kubernetes, and application performance data to isolate root cause and quickly respond to incidents.

high fidelity monitoring

Monitor every component in high fidelity so you’ll have complete coverage and analysis of your applications, enabling you to get to the root cause of any issue in seconds.

high fidelity monitoring
intelligently correlates related events

Instana intelligently correlates related events into a single alert so you can quickly get to the root of the problem without being inundated with alert storms.

Monitor and manage the health of your Kubernetes platform

Kubernetes platform

Ensure your Kubernetes environment is healthy and properly managing your microservices applications with real-time health monitoring.

Kubernetes platform
Kubernetes platform-stability

Know the real-time status (healthy, sick, or failing) of your Kubernetes platform to ensure the stability and performance of your Kubernetes deployed applications.

Kubernetes management platform

Whether you’re using OpenShift, GKE, EKS, AKS, IBM BlueMix, or another Kubernetes management platform, Instana will seamlessly discover and monitor your entire stack to ensure the health, performance, and responsiveness of your applications.

Kubernetes management platform

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