Automatic Kubernetes Observability and Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor Kubernetes, Containers, Orchestration and Applications Together

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Discover. Observe and Map the Entire Kubernetes Application Stack

Automatic Discovery of Complete Orchestration Stack

Automatically discover all containers and services deployed by Kubernetes with full observability into applications - all with zero human configuration

Continuously Update and Monitor Infrastructure Stack and Application Maps

Real-time updates of orchestration, container and application maps as changes occur - even new Pods. Automated monitoring of application and infrastructure components.

Discover. Observe and Map the Entire Kubernetes Application Stack

Play with Instana’s APM Observability Sandbox

Automatically Monitor Kubernetes-Orchestrated Applications

Full-Stack Kubernetes Observability - K8S, Containers and Applications

Real-time Application, Container and Kubernetes monitoring - automatically configured and updated as changes occur - with zero human interaction.

Real-Time Correlation of Application, Infrastructure and Kubernetes Data

Automatically correlate all performance, event and configuration information from the full stack (infrastructure, Kubernetes and services) making it easy to analyze the impact of Kubernetes on service levels.

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Immediate Feedback For Any Change in Application, Orchestration or Infrastructure

Ensure a Healthy Kubernetes Environment

Ensure your Kubernetes environment is healthy, properly executing and effectively operating your applications with real-time health and performance dashboards.

K8s Distributions Supported by Instana

Observe, Monitor and Manage ANY Kubernetes Distribution

Discover, observe, map and manage any distirbution of Kubernetes - including Open Source K8s, Red Hat OpenShift, Google GKE, Azure AKS, Amazon AKS, Pivotal PKS, Rancher and any other distribution.

The Ultimate Kubernetes Monitoring Guide!

See why Managing Application Performance on Kubernetes Requires Specialized APM.