Automatic Root Cause Analysis of Microservices

Immediate Root Cause Identification of Every Service Impact

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With a single click, jump from service alerts into automated analysis and the code or service event that caused it

Automatically Monitor Everything All the Time

Complete Stack Discovery and Monitoring

Find every running host and service, deploy appropriate monitoring sensors and begin collecting application metrics, traces and profiles - automatically - providing all the data needed to troubleshoot any service issue.

Full Stack APM Discovery and MOnitoring

Avoid Alert Storms

Not all events are created equal. An event without an accompanying service impact is unimportant. Instana knows the difference and only sends alerts when service is impacted.

Automatically Monitor Everything All the Time

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Quickly Isolate the Cause of Any Service Impact

Correlate Service Incidents With Underlying Events

Instana correlates all events, warnings, issues and service incidents together on a single screen, identifying the event that primarily triggered the incident.

Intelligent Predictive Service Alerting and Analysis

Leveraging Instana’s Machine Learning and programmatic intelligence, Alerts, Service Incidents and historical behavior are all analyzed to identify, find and fix service issues even before end users are impacted.

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Correct Problematic Services and Code

See the Transaction Flow Through Every Individual Service

Instana can isolate the transaction flow, both upstream and downstream, of each and every service, visualized in an interactive map to allow users to traverse any transaction path

Automatically Profile Every Process

For any supported programming language, capture profiles of every running process automatically, helping eliminate application code issues and optimize performance.

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