20 Developer Experts to Follow on Twitter

Looking at how quickly programming changes today, developers have to become more polyglot. Therefore it is important to stay on top, not only of new or changing frameworks, but also of changes to multiple programming languages.

That said, we compiled a small list of influential and knowledgeable developers, open source or developer advocates, and general experts. They cover all things Microservices, frameworks, clouds, IoT, observability, chaos engineering, and lots of other topics related to software engineering.

The list is in no particular order, I actually randomized it on purpose ?

Roman Elizarov

Roman is one of the main developers at JetBrains around Kotlin. He’s mostly working on all things concurrency, which right now is all about the Kotlin Coroutines implementation. His Twitter account gives a glimpse into the current development of Kotlin and general development patterns.

Nina Zakharenko

Nina is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft and really deep into all things Python. She even calls herself a Pythonista; if that’s not a statement, I don’t know what is! She’s an avid speaker at PyCon and other Python conferences as well loves to teach how to use Git the advanced way.

Lukas Eder

If there is only one person to know about all SQL related databases, it’s Lukas. As the creator of the JOOQ framework, Lukas spends a ton of time working around the differences in SQL implementations. Apart from that he tweets about his findings, best practices, and experiences implementing JOOQ itself, work with customers, and all things related.

Amanda Hinchman-Dominguez

Amanda is a developer at Yello.co. While Kotlin is one, if not the favorite, programming language, she’s also skilled in JavaScript, C#/.NET. Her work in Frontend development encompasses web, native as well as mobile, with a big focus on the JavaFX development framework for Kotlin called Tornado FX.

Adrian Cole

Adrian spends most of his time working with Distributed Tracing technologies. Being the top contributor, he mainly focuses on Zipkin. His Twitter account however is more than just that. Adrian is a a knowledgeable Java developer and often offers his own professional insight and personal experiences.

Francesc Campoy

Francesc is VP of Developer Relations at source{d}, mostly talking about Golang. He’s the mastermind behind the long-running Youtube show called “Just For Func”.

Samathy Barratt

Working with C/C++, Python or D is Samathy primary work. That said, most of her tweets spend time on those programming languages. However being a big LGBTQ+ activist, she also talks about her experiences and work as Vice Chair of the Coventry Pride charity.

Monica Beckwith

Looking for understanding, insight, knowledge on how Garbage Collectors work or just Java performance in general? Monica is your source of enlightenment, now working at ARM. As a vivid speaker, there’s often the chance to meet her at a conference and have amazing discussions with her. She can easily be considered one of the most influential women in tech.

Russel Winder

Russel is a long-standing engineer who started out as a theoretical physicist in 1977. He created Gant, which eventually spawned Gradle, to become one of the major build tools of our times. Apart from Groovy which is the programming language behind Gant and Gradle, he is also heavily involved with the Python community working on Python CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes). In general he loves to work with new languages, always taking a look beyond his current horizon.

Karina Popova

Being a major driving force behind “Women in Tech” Karina is traveling the world, speaking at conferences and being a role model to the current and next generation of female engineers. Apart from that she works of Head of Operations and Communications with HSC GmbH in Germany and provides her knowledge about IoT, Blockchain, Quality Assurance and more to customers.

Tammy Bütow

Working with Gremlin Inc., Tammy educates people about the need and use of Chaos Engineering. She also co-founded the Girl Geek Academy which actively tries to increase the number of women in tech, by running Hackathons, setting up entrepreneurships, and supporting teachers, schools, and corporations reaching for the same goal.

Andrei Alexandrescu

Andrei is known to a lot of people, for a lot of different reasons. Apart from being one of the main developers / inventors behind the programming language D, he is also known in the C/C++ space for his books on C++ coding standards and for his knowledge on performance optimizations which eventually led to the rvalue feature in C++0x. After a 5-year journey with Facebook, Andrei now works with the D Language Foundation.

David Beazley

As the author of the Python Essential Reference and Python Codebook, David is one of the major influencers of the Python space. Besides offering courses on Python, you can also meet him at conferences, sharing knowledge and inspiring people. His Twitter account spreads the word of Python, often with a humorous touch.

Lea Verou

Michailia (Lea) researches how to make web development easier at MIT CSAIL and is one of the few invited experts of the W3C CSS Working Group. She loves sharing her knowledge and travels the world to speak at different conferences. Apart from that she’s active in the Haystack Group which tries to make it easier to collect, organize, and share information.

Yodit Stanton

Out of her own frustration of not being able to find real-time information about the world, Yodit started the IoT company OpenSensors.io. With her strong background as a data scientist and engineer, she helps people understand the physical space in an all new way. Furthermore, she organizes the “Women in Data” meetups.

Ned Batchelder

Deeply rooted in the Python community, Ned works at edX, a company with a codebase of more than 90% Python. He’s known for his work with the Python community and runs the Boston Python user group. He loves to share knowledge on his, must-read, blog.

Casey Rosenthal

Casey, who previously worked at Netflix and Basho, is the author of the original book about Chaos Engineering. This makes him the prime suspect for all questions related. These days he’s with backplane.io securing your edge traffic. He’s mostly into functional languages like Erlang or Scala, which are still a black book to a lot of developers – so here’s your chance to get a closer look.

Sarah Drasner

Sarah, core developer of the vue.js framework and one of the main Microsoft JS folks, is one of the main sources for JavaScript and CSS knowledge. A quick look at her website speaks for itself. Definitely a not-to-miss Twitter account.

John Resig

To most people John is known for the creation of JQuery, the most popular JavaScript framework ever. In the recent past he’s been working with GraphQL, another JavaScript related system, created as a replacement for dumb REST APIs. And yeah, he’s writing a book about it!

Iris Classon

Iris is a Microsoft .NET MVP and crazy passionate for programming. She loves sharing knowledge on Twitter, conferences, and doesn’t reject a possibility to work with the developer community. Right now she’s a Cloud Architect at Konstruct, a Swedish company to “save the world from Excel”.

More people deserve to be here

Obviously not all people that deserve to be named are found in this blog post. The developer community for only one of the languages, frameworks, or spaces is large enough to go on forever. Anyhow, I tried to create a nice overview of a lot of different sources of information when looking into modern applications.

I hope you enjoyed the read and found at least one person you didn’t follow yet!

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