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Instana has always ingested application logs - but today, we make them available in more places - specifically inside our Unbounded Analytics Deep Statistical Engine.
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Last week at re:invent, Amazon announced the preview of AWS X-Ray – a new service to analyze and debug distributed systems. You could feel the shock of established APM vendors in their booths at the
One of Instana’s core features is the ability to automatically trace and analyze every request in a complex system without any configuration or measurable impact.
One of the leading design goals for Instana is automatic detection and zero configuration. We do not want to require our users to configure what and how they monitor.
Modern Microservice and Container based applications have attributes that introduce challenges for operating and monitoring these environments:
Microservices have been pioneered by companies like Netflix, Amazon and Google and are the successor of SOA. New applications from startups and enterprises are using this new architecture style, which
In Part 1 of this blog series about monitoring microservices, we looked at the building blocks of microservice-based applications and the necessity of automatically discovering all components and thei
In Part I of this ‘Monitoring Microservices’ series we described how we automatically discover all the components, services and their changes in dynamic and scaled environments like microservice-b
Application Performance Management (APM) first came to market around 2000 when the Java language and the “3-tier architecture” was becoming dominant.
Instana is designed to monitor modern applications that are built on microservices and are highly dynamic and largely scaled.

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