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We're always looking for ways to improve our own operations - passing our knowledge on to you, of course, where it makes sense. This little nugget about improving overall querying performance is court
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It really has become a problem! A plethora of applications, tools and systems generate alarms and alerts at a frequency and amount greater than humans are able to cope with.
OK, You’re an ops guy (if you’re not, pretend for a moment you’re an ops guy or gal in charge of maintaining a dynamically scaled, highly distributed software system in the cloud), let me ask yo
Just a little more than a year ago, we founded Instana with the vision of building the next generation application performance monitoring solution. Last week Gartner named us a Cool Vendor in Availabi
It’s the new new! The DevOps universe has come to agree, the new world is about constant change. At the infrastructure layer, containers running on virtual hosts that come and go based on processing
Monitoring systems are tempting choices for gathering performance metrics, but they usually end up having to trade off resolution for economy of storage and rarely have a resolution higher than 1 samp
Let’s get back to basics and ask, why monitor your systems and applications? The answer is simple, as the person responsible for making sure your systems and applications are working, you need infor
Software systems need to be built with observability in mind. Observability allows you to look inside running software to understand how it’s operating and to help find issues.
Instana came out of stealth mode a week ago and the response we have received was just bigger than we have ever expected. More then 5,000 people have visited our website and lots of them also tried ou
Welcome to the first ever blog posting from Instana! We founded Instana because we noticed that the world of system and application performance managment was too complicated.

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