APM In a World of Containers

September 18, 2017

Application Management in a Containerized World

  Today, we released a new eBook on Application Performance Management and modern applications. This new volume is titled Application Performance Management in a Containerized World. While our very first volume focused on Microservice performance management, this new eBook details the advancements, challenges and requirements around deploying and managing high performance applications built with containers.


It’s a comprehensive examination of container technology, including:

  • Primary reasons behind the extremely rapid adoption rate (even among enterprises)
  • Key operational challenges to managing application performance in these environments
  • Critical monitoring capabilities IT Ops needs to deliver high quality services

The eBook even includes an Antipattern section, calling out some of the “myths” and drastic measures Ops teams have tried to no avail.

Whether your entire set of applications is running in orchestrated container environments, or you’ve simply written “Docker” into your potential plans for the future,
we hope you will read this eBook to learn about your options. Download your copy of Application Performance Management in a Containerized World today.

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