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Author: Ajuma Bella Salifu

Two robots demonstrating slos and slis working with observability
Learn what SLIs and SLOs are, their benefits, and why they're critical concepts to understand for observability.
We’re excited to announce that IBM instana has won the Devies 2023 Award in the Developer Category in Observability and Monitoring.
Announcement, Thought Leadership
The observability market is expected to evolve towards automation, full lifecycle end-end observability solutions with integration towards open-source technologies, and multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud mo
Two robots fixing logs
Announcement, Remediation, Thought Leadership
Observability application with Automated Remediation can detect problems, incident causes, and SLO impact on your full-stack production deployment.
Robot demonstrating the smart alerts updates through instana
Instana is now the first to provide you with the ability to alert you on custom events based on daily or weekly seasonality. 
Robot demonstrating Instana smart alerts
Announcement, Product
Instana Smart Alerts are now available for Application Perspectives. It includes four new blueprints for slow calls, erroneous calls, HTTP status codes, and unexpectedly high or low number of calls.
Symbolizing shift left testing by a DevOps professional
Developer, Product
How can organizations achieve the best results from testing in pre-production? The answer is Shift-Left Enterprise Observability.
Robots explaining what observability is in pre-production testing
Thought Leadership
Organizations use pre-production environments to test applications before moving them into the cloud computing space. 

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