Instana Blog

Author: Hunter Madison

Developer, Thought Leadership
It's easy to monitor your eCommerce retail applications and all its components with an enterprise observability platform.
How Observability Can Help Avoid the Black Friday Freeze
Conceptual, Thought Leadership
Retailers are preparing for Black Friday. Observability can help them avoid implementing a feature freeze on Black Friday.
Serverless Monitoring of Ruby Applications on AWS Fargate
Engineering, Product
Ruby teams can take advantage of the benefits AWS Fargate offers while still using Instana’s world class observability and monitoring tools.
Observability Best Practices for AWS Lambda Functions
Instana's serverless performance monitoring gets a boost with support for Lambda monitoring Extension.
Announcement, Engineering, Product
Ruby joins the team - Java, node,JS, Python and now Ruby all supported for automatic - continuous - production (that's right production) profiling

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