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Author: Steve Waterworth

Announcement, Product
Instana has been tested to work exactly as expected with GKE on-prem. Learn about the value you get from monitoring GKE, application services, and infrastructure metrics using Instana's latest release
Everything you always wanted to know about monitoring Docker (but didn't even know to ask). By the end of the post, you'll have a working microservice commerce app and a running Instana instance (as a
Thought Leadership
You've probably been hearing about this new buzzword - Observability - and how it's replacing Visibility in the monitoring world. We break through the confusion and help demystify observability, expla
Developer, Product
Amazon Web Services Kubernetes (EKS) is easily monitored with Instana. The Kubernetes backplane processes, as well as application workloads, are all monitored with minimal set up, You'll wonder why yo
Product, Thought Leadership
Instana is a SaaS provider of Application Performance Monitoring software. We run a massive data analysis service that must be available at all times. How do we keep it running properly? Well, we use
Announcement, Product, Thought Leadership
Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE) is a CNCF compliant Kubernetes As a Service (KaaS) offering for orchestrating container environments. Instana monitors applications running in OKE, as well as the perfor
Announcement, Developer, Product
PHP is an important part of the dynamic application technology stack. Instana tracing includes support for PHP applications, making troubleshooting even easier.
Conceptual, Product
How automatic root cause analysis works using dependency graphs, event correlation, anomaly detection, and built in expert knowledge base.
Developer, Thought Leadership
Determine which Serverless, or FaaS, platform is right for you. An examination of different serverless technology platforms, the pros and cons of each, and - of course - how to monitor them.

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