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Author: Tom Fisher

Unbounded Analytics Provides Even Easier Query Data - Here’s How
Developer, Product
Complex search queries and non-intuitive navigation are time killers. Easier query data means faster fixes and happier customers.
The SRE Guide to Hyper-Resilient Cloud-Native Applications
Developer, Thought Leadership
Enterprise Observability is a foundational element of hyper-resiliency in complex, dynamic cloud environments. Learn why.
The Basics of Instana Application Perspectives
Conceptual, Product
Learn the basics of Application Perspectives, including how to easily setup your first (and second and third) personal view into your applications.
IBM Cloud Application Monitoring
Product, Thought Leadership
It's only been a few months since the IBM acquisition of Instana, but the first integration point between Instana's Enterprise Observability Platform and Watson is here
Continuous Application Profiling in Production
Developer, Engineering, Product
You've heard about our continuous production profiling - now it's time to make use of it - see how to use Java profiling to isolate a service hotspot.
Image: Optimizing User Experience Makes a Huge Difference in Customer Satisfaction
Thought Leadership
Many issues can impact application performance, leading to a worsening end user experience, leading to a focus on Enterprise Observability.

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