BeeInstant Transition to Instana

October 1, 2020


Last December, we announced the exciting and happy news that Instana had acquired BeeInstant. The Instana and BeeInstant product teams immediately began collaborating on integrating key BeeInstant features into the Instana APM and Observability Platform. As such, the BeeInstant product has been discontinued for a while, but we’re also putting the web site away.

Don’t worry, though. We’ve taken some of the great pieces of knowledge out of the website and brought them over to the Instana website:

  • How to Measure Latency
  • The Critical Importance of Percentiles

We’re excited about the ongoing solutions, and how some of beeInstant’s greatest hits will make it into the joint solution. Stay tuned to Instana for future announcements (follow Instana on Twitter and/or LinkedIn for the latest Observability / APM news).
In the meantime, why not try it for yourself. There are two great options:

  1. Get access to the guided self tour with our APM / Observability Sandbox
  2. Get the full solution for two weeks in your own environment with a free 2-week trial

You can also just read through how Instana helps everyone in your organization get the information they need about your applications by reading through our observability solution documentation.

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