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Improve Query Performance with Clickhouse Data Skipping Index
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We're always looking for ways to improve our own operations - passing our knowledge on to you, of course, where it makes sense. This little nugget about improving overall querying performance is court
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New monitoring sensors now available for IBM Middleware platforms (DataPower Gateway, Integration Bus, and App Connect Enterprise).
Instana's serverless performance monitoring gets a boost with support for Lambda monitoring Extension.
Community, Inclusion and Instana's support of OpenTelemetry from Red Hat OpenShift mark highlights from this year's KubeCon EU Virtual Event.
Ruby joins the team - Java, node,JS, Python and now Ruby all supported for automatic - continuous - production (that's right production) profiling
Instana expands its OpenShift monitoring capabilities to include integrated OpenTelemetry support via Operator deployment.
Lessons learned from the porting work that made us the first automatic PHP tracing solution on Graviton 2
The Pipeline Feedback Releases  API has been updated to accommodate the new capabilities discussed in the previous two blog posts.
Instana completes "the cycle," adding automatic Go tracing for AWS Lambda functions to its support for Java, Python and Node.js
Instana provides sophisticated alerting options that streamline the resolution process for the on-call person.

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