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We at Instana are proud to announce that since version 1.134.0 the Node.js tracer introduces the Instana OpenTelemetry exporter.
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The OpenTelemetry Collector is the central data collection mechanism for the OpenTelemetry project. Here's how it relates to observability.
Developers, operations engineers, and SREs told us some DevOps horror stories that have haunted them to this day.
Here's how we quickly detected, investigated, and remediated an issue that produced fixes in two open source projects: CockroachDB and JDBI.
Ruby teams can take advantage of the benefits AWS Fargate offers while still using Instana’s world class observability and monitoring tools.
We're always looking for ways to improve our own operations - passing our knowledge on to you, of course, where it makes sense. This little nugget about improving overall querying performance is court
Ruby joins the team - Java, node,JS, Python and now Ruby all supported for automatic - continuous - production (that's right production) profiling
You've heard about our continuous production profiling - now it's time to make use of it - see how to use Java profiling to isolate a service hotspot.
Learn how to use Instana's configuration-based SDK to add business metrics to traces with no coding
Lessons learned from the porting work that made us the first automatic PHP tracing solution on Graviton 2

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