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Learn how Instana helps Liberkee accelerate and improve their development and deployment cycle with Observability.
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The Pipeline Feedback Releases  API has been updated to accommodate the new capabilities discussed in the previous two blog posts.
Instana completes "the cycle," adding automatic Go tracing for AWS Lambda functions to its support for Java, Python and Node.js
Instana provides sophisticated alerting options that streamline the resolution process for the on-call person.
Today, our customers can already use Instana to automatically visualize and monitor applications on Amazon EKS. Instana also works seamlessly on Kubernetes clusters using Amazon EKS Distro: you are bo
Delivering instrumentation to a Java Lambda function is disarmingly simple with Instana: we make the instrumentation available within a Lambda layer, that we will keep updating every time our Java ins
There should be no illusions, K8s will add complexity to your tech-stack. In cloud environments the barrier is lower as you can rely on cost-efficient managed services like Google GKE or Amazon EKS.
Powered by the automatic discovery and change recognition of system components, Instana has an always up-to-date understanding of the system’s architecture and presents the latest contextual informa
When working with distributed systems, challenges are vastly different from the monolithic applications we built in the past. While we learn and love to think in simple terms of our world, the reality
When services are used by multiple applications, hidden dependencies can secretly impact performance. Instana's Pipeline Feedback uses cross cutting analysis to see these dependencies and quickly iden

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