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Serverless Monitoring of Ruby Applications on AWS Fargate
Engineering, Product
Ruby teams can take advantage of the benefits AWS Fargate offers while still using Instana’s world class observability and monitoring tools.
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Complex search queries and non-intuitive navigation are time killers. Easier query data means faster fixes and happier customers.
Today we discuss how we are embracing distributed tracing with OpenTelemetry as a first-class citizen in Instana.
We're always looking for ways to improve our own operations - passing our knowledge on to you, of course, where it makes sense. This little nugget about improving overall querying performance is court
Learn the basics of Application Perspectives, including how to easily setup your first (and second and third) personal view into your applications.
Instana has always ingested application logs - but today, we make them available in more places - specifically inside our Unbounded Analytics Deep Statistical Engine.
New monitoring sensors now available for IBM Middleware platforms (DataPower Gateway, Integration Bus, and App Connect Enterprise).
It's only been a few months since the IBM acquisition of Instana, but the first integration point between Instana's Enterprise Observability Platform and Watson is here
Ruby joins the team - Java, node,JS, Python and now Ruby all supported for automatic - continuous - production (that's right production) profiling
You've heard about our continuous production profiling - now it's time to make use of it - see how to use Java profiling to isolate a service hotspot.

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