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A robot demonstrating synthetic monitoring
Announcement, Product
We are proud to announce that we are adding synthetic monitoring to Instana. Synthetic monitoring with Instana will provide an outside-in view of application performance.
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Organizations use pre-production environments to test applications before moving them into the cloud computing space. 
As an IBM Monitoring client, are you excited about using IBM Observability by Instana to monitor your environments but worried that it will mean "rip and replace" your existing monitoring agents? Well
Introducing Mean Time To Prevention (MTTP). MTTP is the measure of how long it takes Observability+AIOps to automatically prevent issues from negatively impacting application performance.
Solutions that have proven to not work are known as anti-patterns. Here's why logs are an anti-pattern for observability.
Application migration and Enterprise Observability go hand in hand. Observability must be continuous throughout the entire process.
These five application migration steps comprise a list of best practices for achieving successful cloud migrations.
Let's review application modernization options and using Shift-Left Enterprise Observability for optimizing CI/CD pipelines.
Application Modernization is the lever for a positive user experience, but its complexity requires enterprise-quality observability.
The combination of Instana Enterprise Observability and IBM satisfies the Application Hierarchy of Needs for SREs and IT operators.

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