Collecting Custom Micrometer metrics has never been easier

Collecting Custom Micrometer metrics has never been easier

Instana Now Features Automatic Micrometer Metric Collection

Instana makes it completely effortless to collect and visualize custom metrics and we’re constantly expanding our capabilities. Recently, Instana released support for the Micrometer framework in Build 146, adding support for the vendor-neutral instrumentation library available for Java-based applications. Instana users can collect and visualize the telemetry collected by Micrometer without making any configuration changes to their micrometer enabled applications.

Micrometer instrumented applications automatically generate telemetry for library and framework specific metrics with only the addition of the micrometer dependency. With newer frameworks such as Spring Boot 2, this library is already installed and generating metrics for popular libraries such as JDBC, RabbitMQ, and more.

You’ll immediately begin seeing metrics in your application infrastructure JVM page, as visualized in the example screenshot below.

To get started with Micrometer, declare the dependency in your project manifest of choice and let Instana do the work. Our agent automatically detects micrometer and begins visualizing the collected metrics with zero-configuration or code changes. Getting started with Instana and Micrometer has never been easier. Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself.

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