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Date: October 24, 2017

Why Come to MesosCon? To See Instana. Prague Is Nice, Too.

Instana’s Container Season Is In Full Swing

Last month, we sponsored a booth at MesosCon North American in Los Angeles, a fantastic start to our container season that has included HashiConf in Austin and DockerCon EU in Copenhagen.

Along the way, we’ve talked to people from hundreds of organizations about microservices, containers, orchestration and performance management (of course). This week finds us going to another Mesosphere conference; MesosCon Europe in Prague, one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Why Come to MesosCon in Prague?

The first reason to attend the conference is to come visit the Instana booth, see a demo of the world’s only APM solution built for Microservice applications, and get your very own Squeezy Stan.

Here are 3 other reasons to come to the City of a Hundred Spires.

  • Keynote on Keeping Netflix Highly Available
    Katharina Probst delivers a keynote on Thursday morning that focuses on how NetFlix uses Mesos as part of their high availability strategy
  • Learn how to operate at the speed of microservices
    From presentations about extremely fast infrastructure deployment to demos on automation and artificial intelligence, learn what you need to help your organization successfully execute your digital transformation projects.
  • See the Mother of all Cities
    Prague is renowned as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. In addition to the two previously mentioned nicknames, it’s also known as the Golden City. The Prague Castle, the home of the Czech Republic President, was built in the 9th – yes NINTH – century. The Vitava River, of course, runs through the city, and is spanned by fantastic bridges.

    Talk about a great place to post a #TravelingStan picture on Twitter.

We hope you can make it to Prague and the show.

By the way, if you want to learn more about how Instana works with Mesosphere, check out this joint Instana / Mesosphere webinar.

Chris Farrell entered the systems management space as the first Product Manager for the industry's first APM provider. During that time, Chris has seen shifts in application platforms and technology advances in management tools, culminating in the automated microservice monitoring provided by Instana. Chris began his career in the IBM PC Company (now Lenovo) where he was the lead BIOS Engineer for ThinkPad and IntelliStation.

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