CRN Recognizes Instana as Its 2021 APM Product of the Year

January 7, 2022

CRN Recognizes Instana as Its 2021 APM Product of the Year

IBM Observability by Instana APM has been named application performance monitoring product of the year

Unlike most application performance monitoring (APM) and observability solutions, Instana was built for modern cloud-native workloads. Our platform continuously monitors our customers’ entire infrastructure and delivers the context they need to start resolving issues immediately. CRN’s recognition of Instana as 2021 APM Product of the Year helps cement Instana’s leadership in observability.

Companies are modernizing their applications and infrastructure to deliver new product features faster, but that speed often comes with poor performance and unreliable services. It is nearly impossible to avoid performance bottlenecks when applications run in a complex mix of technologies and environments across multiple clouds. Often they are blind to issues with services upstream or downstream from their applications, and they can’t react fast enough to satisfy their customers. Organizations need end-to-end observability.

With application changes being deployed sometimes hundreds of times per day, most companies are losing visibility into what’s going on in their enterprise application space, and that’s a big problem.  Poor application performance impacts customer satisfaction and results in lost business, and monitoring alone does not solve this problem.

The Instana Enterprise Observability difference

Instana solves the visibility challenge by ingesting all performance metrics, tracing all requests (no sampling) and profiling every process, along with the capabilities needed to make observability work for the enterprise. That’s why CRN recognized Instana as the top observability platform. CRN staff compiled the top partner-friendly products that launched over the past year, then turned to solution providers to choose the winners.

CRN noted, “The offering is designed to manage microservices and cloud-native applications in multiple environments, including hybrid cloud and bare-metal machines, and provides a domain-specific AI engine to speed up issue resolution and improve event management.” CRN also highlighted that IBM Observability by Instana can remotely monitor multiple IBM instances, supporting agents including Linux, Windows and Unix OS on AIX.

We encourage you to check out CRN’s report for yourself.

2021 CRN product of the yearI am excited to share this new report and proud that Instana continues to be recognized by publications and analysts as a leading observability solution that helps our clients solve some of their most pressing challenges across DevOps and SRE teams. In just the last few months, Gartner named Instana a Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Application Performance Monitoring and EMA recognized Instana as a Top 3 Observability Platform. You can learn more about Instana by visiting the Instana website to see it in action using the Play-With guided demo environment.

Play with Instana’s APM Observability Sandbox

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Control hybrid modern applications with Instana’s AI-powered discovery of deep contextual dependencies inside hybrid applications. Instana also gives visibility into development pipelines to help enable closed-loop DevOps automation.

This provides actionable feedback needed for clients as they to optimize application performance, enable innovation and mitigate risk, helping Dev+Ops add value and efficiency to software delivery pipelines while meeting their service and business level objectives.

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