DevOps Slowdown In Effect in San Francisco – Better Call Ant-Man (or Instana)

August 12, 2019

This week, we’re heading to SFO – Valley of Silicon and home to Pym Industries – for DevOps World (or Jenkins World, depending on who you ask). Why not? Automation is the name of the game in DevOps, and we’ve got the only fully automated Application Monitoring solution – perfect for DevOps.

But coming to see what Automatic APM looks like is only one reason to drop in on Moscone West. Get your Comic-con best ready to go, because Wednesday’s SuperParty is a superhero themed reception. Can you say Hulk Hands? By the way, during the reception, we’re giving away some cool Marvel sh (er, stuff). But you have to register at the Instana booth (1002) AND be present at the drawing to win it.

“But what about the show?” you’re asking. 

Fine, the show.

Good news – there are about 150 different sessions, all focused on everybody’s favorite topics – DevOps and Jenkins. There’s even some time travel built into the agenda – just look at Monday’s afternoon Keynote: “Celebrating 15 years of Jenkins & the future of CI/CD” – a trip to the past and the future? Sign me up!!!

To say the Instana team is psyched would be an understatement. In case you missed it, we announced the first ever automated Jenkins Monitoring capabilities last week – allowing you to monitor your applications, your application builds, and your application build systems. And THAT was the pre-show announcement (wink wink, nudge nudge).

So forget about Phase IV and the future of Marvel for a few days to learn about the future of DevOps, get a demo of Instana, the best APM solution for DevOps, and win some Marvel stuff – see you there!

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