The Ultimate Guide to DockerCon SF

June 11, 2018

What is DockerCon

DockerCon is a three-day, technology conference will take place from June 11-15 in San Francisco, CA. Held twice a year in both North America and Europe, DockerCon will build on the success of previous conferences as it grows and reflects Docker’s robust ecosystem and ever-growing community. Whether you are a total beginner to Docker or a seasoned Guru, our Ultimate Guide to DockerCon will help you make the best out of your conference experience.

Instana Speaks – Hear it From the Experts

With an expected 6,000 attendees, you bet there will be a lot of different talks happening simultaneously. Here is a breakdown of the different tracks, and our suggestions for which ones to attend.

Quick tip: DockerCon is a big event. Keep organized and use the DockerCon Agenda Builder to help you keep track of when and where your sessions will be held.

Instana Presents: Visualizing Containers and Analyzing Performance

In our first (ever!) session at DockerCon, we’ll discuss the transition from monolithic applications to microservices and containers, and the reasons why organizations must be able to observe and holistically monitor their distributed environments.  We will also walk you through how Instana uses AI to discover, map and visualize all workloads, but also automatically provide insights into containers and platform and application performance. Be sure to join the session in Ecosystem B, Room 2010 on Wednesday, June 13 from 5:25 – 6:05 PM.


Docker in Production

This track is all about use cases — highlighting how companies are using Docker to modernize their infrastructure and how they are building, managing and securing their distributed applications. These sessions are heavy on business value, ROI, and production implementation advice.

→ Stan’s Pick: Disruption from Within – Innovation at Franklin American


Using Docker

The Using Docker track will serve as introductory courses for Docker Users. Attend these sessions if you’re looking for practical advice and insights to help you get started with Docker or to better implement Docker into your workflow.

→ Stan’s Pick: 5 Patterns for Success for Application Transformation


Black Belt

As the title suggests, the Black Belt track is for those ready to learn about deeply technical topics around container technology and related projects.

→ Stan’s Pick: Kubernetes with Docker


Docker Docker Docker

This is your best bet for diving deeper into Docker tooling, implementation, production use recommendations, product updates and best practices straight from the Docker Team themselves.

→ Stan’s Pick: How To Build Your Containerization Strategy



In this track, you’ll learn how containers are re-defining the technology toolbox. These sessions will provide a glimpse into the new container frontier as it relates to IoT, Machine Learning and Distributed Systems.

→ Stan’s Pick: Docker, Microservices, and the Service Mesh



Get ready for impact… the impact of change! This track will be filled with stories of inspiration, insights and new perspectives — leaving you energized and well equipped to drive innovation.

→ Stan’s Pick: Shaving my Head Made me a Better Programmer


Dive Deep with Hands-On Labs

For the hands-on learners that are ready to dive in – check out the Hands-On Labs, covering a broad range of topics such as modernizing traditional Java applications and an introduction to Docker EE with Kubernetes.

Quick Tip: These sessions are popular and fill up quickly. Reserve your spot today… and don’t forget to bring your laptop!



Being in the middle of 6,000 other Docker-minded individuals can be intimidating, and not everyone will be an extrovert and ready to spark up a conversation at the water cooler. Thankfully, DockerCon has made the networking process a little easier (for both introverts and extroverts) to connect and share ideas with other attendees in two very cool ways.

Become a DockerPal

Sign up to become a DockerPal if you’d like to be introduced to other conference attendees AND be connected with a DockerCon guide. Think of it as a pre-built network that will help you make new connections, attend the right sessions and track. Sounds fun – too bad robots can’t join!

Book a Hallway Track

If you have a specific topic you’d like to collaborate on and want tangible results from networking, try out the Hallway Track to get matched 1:1 with attendees that share your interests. Try it out in 3 easy steps:

1: Choose a topic and explore the offers and requests made by other participants (i.e. OpenTracing Q&A)

2: Find your match and suggest a time to meet

3: Meet in person, collaborate and learn something new!


The Important Stuff: The FUN!


DockerCon Party

Every DockerCon event is filled with fun… it’s just a matter of finding it! And you’ll be sure to find some at the official DockerCon party. Expect vintage arcade games, bohemian camping vibes, music, drinks and beautiful views of the SF Bay. 

Hop on one of the Docker Shuttles and head over to Pier 3 on Wednesday at 7:30 PM. Don’t forget your badge!


When you travel across the country to attend a conference, why not bring the whole family?

Spousetivities is all about fun, friendships and getting your significant other (and/or kids) out of the hotel room. Each day hosts a new activity, including transportation.

Wine Country Tour, anyone?


Meet Us at DockerCon!

You know it – Instana’s team of APM nerds will be at DockerCon. And Stan? Well, he’s counting down the days until he gets to hang out with his friends, Gordon the Turtle and Moby Dock.

Visit our booth (S10) in the expo hall to pick up a Squeezy Stan, and learn about AI-Powered Application Performance Management for Docker, Kubernetes and more.

You can also join our session: Visualizing Containers and Analyzing Performance on  Wednesday, June 13 from 5:25 – 6:05 PM in Ecosystem B, Room 2010. Hurry up and reserve your seat – space is limited and almost at capacity!

Can’t make it to DockerCon? Well, we’ll see you next time – and perhaps at one of these 15 DevOps Conferences.

Until then, ciao!

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