Happy DockerCon-iversary

April 29, 2019

DockerCon – Stop 1 on the Kubernetes Road Show

DockerCon has a special spot in my heart – I spent my first day at Instana on the DockerCon Expo floor. It was awesome to watch the reactions of attendees seeing Instana’s APM tool – or more specifically, the first APM tool to automatically map out applications running in Docker. You might say that DockerCon represents my anniversary with Instana, so “Happy Anniversary!”

This week, though, DockerCon is also the first stop on our annual (or semi-annual) Kubernetes Road Show. We’ll be at Red Hat Summit next week (Boston) and KubeCon in a month (Barcelona) showcasing how easy it is to get fully automatic APM running on ANY Kubernetes-based application. Kubernetes support is just one of the many things Instana has added in two years. While the excitement and “WOW!” moments with Docker still exist, the solution has already come so much further:

  • The number of microservice technologies we monitor has doubled
  • We’ve added traces into the analysis engine (100% of course, every request)
  • We’ve added the ability to monitor containerd (as of today)

If you’re in San Francisco, come over to Moscone and drop by the Instana booth (#S23). Whether it’s your first time seeing us, or you’re checking in on what we’ve added, we’ve got some sweet new show swag – and a few chances to win other prizes. See you there!

Play with Instana’s APM Observability Sandbox

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