Instana Announces AI Powered Monitoring for Amazon Kinesis

Instana is rapidly building out unparalleled support for monitoring the many different products provided by Amazon in AWS. Our latest release adds first-class support for Kinesis Data Streams. The important question is, what do I mean when I say, “first-class support”?

For Instana users, first-class support means the following:

  • Automatic discovery of Kinesis instances and automatic deployment of Kinesis monitoring agents
  • Full integration into the Instana Dynamic Graph (Click here for an explanation of the dynamic graph) – This model is used for correlation and causation.
  • Automatic selection and collection of all relevant metrics
  • Fully AI enabled behavioral learning
    • Predictive analytics
    • Automatic root cause analysis
  • Traces generated for EVERY request
  • Fully curated expert knowledge to identify problems and suggest remediation possibilities

So what is the value to you?

  • Know with certainty when one component is impacting other components or the service as a whole
  • Monitor the metrics that most clearly indicate problems. No guesswork required.
  • Know what is normal for any metric
  • Get warned BEFORE an issue occurs to take corrective action
  • Immediate troubleshooting by a single person
  • Troubleshoot any individual request. Never miss sporadic issues.
  • Expert in a box. Supplement the knowledge of your internal experts with expert knowledge from the Instana team.

Amazon Kinesis Monitoring

It’s always a good idea to refer back to the official documentation for the latest details but this release tracks the following information:

  • Kinesis Data Stream Instance Details
    • Stream name
    • Stream ARN
    • Stream status
    • Stream encryption type
    • Stream retention period (hours)
    • Stream creation time
    • AWS Grouping Zone
  • Tags automatically imported


Screenshot of Instana transaction trace showing Amazon Kinesis calls in green


Screenshot of Instana infrastructure dashboard showing Amazon Kinesis metrics

Instana continues to build upon our world class AI powered support for the many components of the AWS ecosystem. Be sure to sign up for a free trial of Instana in your environment today.

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