Instana Announces AI Powered Support for AWS ElastiCache

Instana is rapidly building out unparalleled AWS monitoring support for the many diverse products provided by Amazon in AWS. Our latest release adds first-class support for monitoring AWS ElastiCache. The important next question is What do I mean when I say first-class support?

For Instana users, first-class support means the following:

  • Automatic discovery of Elasticache instances and automatic deployment of Elasticache monitoring agents
  • Full integration into the Instana Dynamic Graph (Click here for an explanation of the dynamic graph) – This model is used for correlation and causation.
  • Automatic selection and collection of all relevant metrics
  • Fully AI enabled behavioral learning
    • Predictive analytics
    • Automatic root cause analysis
  • Traces generated for EVERY request
  • Fully curated expert knowledge to identify problems and suggest remediation possibilities

So what is the value to you?

  • Know with certainty when one component is impacting other components or the service as a whole.
  • Monitor the metrics that most clearly indicate problems. No guess work required.
  • Know what is normal for any metric.
  • Get warned BEFORE an issue occurs to take corrective action.
  • Immediate troubleshooting by a single person.
  • Troubleshoot any individual request. We’ll never miss catching an issue.
  • Expert in a box. Supplement the knowledge of your internal experts with expert knowledge from the Instana team.

ElastiCache Support

It’s always a good idea to refer back to the official Instana ElastiCache documentation for the latest details but this release tracks the following information specific to ElastiCache:

  • Cache Cluster Id
  • Cache Node Id
  • Cache EngineAWS ElastiCache Icon
  • Cache Engine Version
  • Cache Number Of Nodes
  • Cache Node Type
  • Create Time
  • Node Endpoint Address
  • Node Endpoint Port
  • Node ARN
  • Grouping Zone

And since you have the option of using either Redis or Memcached with ElastiCache, Instana also provides world class AI powered monitoring for those technologies as well.


Redis Support

AWS ElastiCache Redis Icon
Here’s the data Instana Redis Monitoring will collect, analyze and alert on:

Tracked Configuration

  • Port
  • Started At
  • Role
  • Cluster Enabled
  • Slaves
  • Metrics


  • Key Hits, Misses, Hit Rate
  • Keys Expired/Evicted
  • Databae
  • Memory
  • Connections
  • Persistence
  • Slow Log

Health Signatures

  • Memory
    • Consumption
    • Fragmentation
  • Hit Rate
  • Throughput
  • Rejected Connections
  • Latency
  • Calls
  • Error Rate

AWS ElastiCache Redis Monitoring

Memcached Support

AWS ElastiCache Memcached Icon
Here’s the data Instana Memcached Monitoring will collect, analyze and alert on:

Tracked Configuration

  • Version
  • Port
  • Started at
  • Maxbytes
  • max connections


  • Commands
  • Reads/Writes
  • Get Hits/Misses
  • Delete Hits/Misses
  • Flush Command
  • Evictions
  • Used Bytes
  • Connections

Health Signatures

  • Eviction
  • Flush all
  • Queued Connections
  • Maxbytes limit
  • Yielded Connections

Instana continues to build upon our world class AI powered support for the many components of the AWS ecosystem. Be sure to sign up for a free trial of Instana in your environment today.

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