Instana PHP Plugin for JetBrains Products

January 17, 2020

Writing support code for creating custom spans can be boring and tedious. For that reason, Instana commonly automates traces and span creation as much as possible. Preventing developers from sprinkling monitoring code over all their codebase.

From time to time, however, you want special, application-specific elements to show up in traces, or add tracing for a non-supported frameworks. In this case, adding custom spans is manual work.

Life Made Easier

To minimize the work for PHP developers, Instana published an extension plugin for the famous JetBrains IDEA based IDEs like IntelliJ or PhpStorm.

The plugin adds code intentions to automatically wrap a piece of code or statement into a span being recognized by the Instana backend.

Instana's JetBrains Plugin provides Intentions to quickly wrap code into a spanFigure 1: Instana’s JetBrains Plugin provides Intentions to quickly wrap code into a span

Just mark the code you want to wrap and select the intent. The Instana for PHP plugin automatically wraps it.

Figure 2: Wrapped operation with Instana’s JetBrains Plugin

Beautiful, fast and saving plenty of keystrokes. Just as it should be 🙂

How to find it?

The plugin can be found in JetBrains Plugin repository or, since the source code is open, on Github.

To install the plugin, open up your IDE, go to Preferences…, and under Plugins search for Instana. Hit the Install button and after the restart you’re good to go.

Figure 3: Install Instana’s JetBrains IDE Plugin right from the Plugin Marketplace

Open Source

Instana open sourced the plugin and is looking for additional features, code intentions, ideas and pull requests. Feel free to add issues in the Github Issue Tracker and / or provide the team directly with your feature request in the form of code.

Give it a Try

If you don’t have an Instana account yet, jump right into our 14 days trial and get jump-started in the blink of an eye.

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