Instana Recognized as a Top 3 Observability Platform by EMA

October 6, 2021

Instana Recognized as a Top 3 Observability Platform by EMA

I am thrilled to share that Instana has been recognized as a Top 3 observability platform by EMA.


Instana Recognized as a Top 3 Observability Platform by EMA


Download the full EMA Top 3 Enterprise Decision Guide 2021.

Built for modern cloud-native workloads, Instana is consistently recognized by customers and analysts for its enterprise observability platform that automatically ingests observability metrics, traces and logs and contextualizes all application, service and infrastructure inter-dependencies so you can immediately take intelligent action on any issue. This most recent recognition by EMA further solidifies Instana’s leadership in observability.

As companies modernize their applications and infrastructure to meet the demands of digital business, they often realize that existing operational routines are no longer sufficient. The goal of delighting customers by quickly delivering new capabilities is negatively impacted by poor performance and unreliable services. It is much harder (if not impossible) to avoid performance bottlenecks when applications use heterogenous runtime technologies and target environments — ranging from legacy systems of record to virtual machines (VMs) to containers — that could be distributed across multiple clouds. The need for end-to-end observability from mobile to mainframe is paramount.

With application changes being deployed daily instead of monthly, most companies are losing visibility into what’s going on in their enterprise application space, and that’s a big problem.  Poor application performance impacts customer satisfaction and results in lost business and monitoring alone does not solve this problem.

The strength of Instana

Instana solves the visibility challenge by ingesting all performance metrics, tracing all requests (no sampling) and profiling every process, along with the capabilities needed to make observability work for the enterprise. That’s why we have been recognized by EMA for our top observability platform. EMA noted how Instana’s ability to automatically discover and monitor both traditional and cloud-native application stacks with complete visibility into the underlying data center or cloud infrastructure helps deliver real business value through:

  • Enhanced developer and SRE productivity
  • Decreased MTTR
  • Lowered operational risk due to proactive issues resolution and application optimization

Learn more and check out EMA’s Top 3 Observability Platform report

This new EMA Top 3 Observability Platform report highlights how “Instana’s reinforcement learning models continuously learn to watch out for issues similar to the ones that were detected within a comparable context in the past. Instana automatically discovers new applications simply by developers adding standard configuration code to their Git repository that enables the platform to automatically place, configure and manage the required agents in order to ensure comprehensive observability.”

I am excited to share this new report and proud that Instana continues to be recognized by analysts as a leading observability solution that helps our clients solve some of their most pressing challenges across DevOps and SRE teams. You can learn more about Instana by visiting our website or see it in action using the play-with demo.

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Play with Instana’s APM Observability Sandbox

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Control hybrid modern applications with Instana’s AI-powered discovery of deep contextual dependencies inside hybrid applications. Instana also gives visibility into development pipelines to help enable closed-loop DevOps automation.

This provides actionable feedback needed for clients as they to optimize application performance, enable innovation and mitigate risk, helping Dev+Ops add value and efficiency to software delivery pipelines while meeting their service and business level objectives.

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