Instana Wins Awards – I’m So Proud of the Entire Instana Team

World Awards 2020 Gold

Recently, I was honored to receive a few awards – one for the company and one for me personally (which is also really for the company).

First, our APM and Observability platform won the Network Products Guide 2020 IT World Gold Award for Application Monitoring. As this was the first time we submitted an entry for an NPG award, we were excited to win, though not surprised. After all, we hear great things about our solution from our customers every day.

The other award was technically an individual award – the Golden Stevie from the International Business Awards awarded to me as Software Entrepreneur of the Year (for companies our size). I say technically because you never really win one of these awards without a large team of people to plan, build and execute the vision. Even the founders are a team here at Instana, with four of us coming together with the recognition of the next opportunity in the performance management industry.

So first of all, I’d like to thank my co-founders Pavlo Baron, Fabian Lange and Pete Abrams. Without the extraordinary abilities of each of these leaders, we could not have achieved the growth and success that we have so far. I also want to share the award with the employees that made this possible – from architecting and writing applications to figuring out how to market it to knocking on doors and selling it, while others figured out how to make the company stable and efficient. None of these awards is ever an individual achievement – and especially when it’s entrepreneurial in nature. It always takes a team. And we have a good one at Instana.

Ultimately, both awards are a testament to the work we’ve all done in the last 20 months. From executing our best year through February, having our first all-hands company kickoff (called “Stan’dUp” of course). We acquired three fantastic pieces of technology, which has seeded even better integrated solutions with Instana.

Finally, I’d like to extend my heart-felt gratitude to the International Business Awards and to Network Products Guide – both for sponsoring these awards and recognizing the awesome work we all put in.We are extremely grateful and look forward to putting in the work to win more awards in the coming year.

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