Introducing Instana Alpha

August 12, 2015

Instana came out of stealth mode a week ago and the response we have received was just bigger than we have ever expected. More then 5,000 people have visited our website and lots of them also tried our demo.

We also received many e-mails from people asking if Instana can be tested in their environment or if they can get information about the roadmap and features. This is the reason for this blog entry.

We started more than a year ago with the core of our system: A realtime analytics platform that can process, correlate and analyse millions of events per second and is practically scalable without limits. To build the next generation of application performance management (APM), there has to be a core analysis engine. Then we designed a totally new architecture for our agent, the storage, a knowledge and learning system and last but not least a new way to visualize all the information on a 3D map. For most of these new concepts we have filed patents during the last months.

The current version is an Alpha version – it is a first prototype of our new technologies and ideas. The demo only shows a small environment so that people can see the new UI ideas and the realtime capabilities of Instana and provide us some feedback on it.

We made a small video that shows how Instana can visualize a bigger environment and can react on changes in realtime – a feature that is needed in modern container and microservice based systems. We are using Spigo to simulate a typical NetflixOSS microservice architecture in Amazon AWS with different zones.

This small demo also shows our tagging concept to filter a map based on different types of tags that we can apply on any technology and component. Our features around metrics, processes and understanding the health of the system are not shown yet.

This is an exciting time and we will share more and more insides on our technology and features in this blog and will enhance our demo. We are working with a highly skilled team and we are adding features very fast, so look regulary on our progress.

If you are interested to be an Alpha or Beta customer for Instana or give us feedback, please contact me or somebody of the team and we will be happy to collaborate – or just write a mail to [email protected].

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Instana, an IBM company, provides an Enterprise Observability Platform with automated application monitoring capabilities to businesses operating complex, modern, cloud-native applications no matter where they reside – on-premises or in public and private clouds, including mobile devices or IBM Z.

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