Introducing Smart Alerts for Application Perspectives

Robot demonstrating Instana smart alerts

You asked, and we have delivered. We are pleased to announce that Instana Smart Alert is available for Application Perspectives. The previous versions allowed the capability to create alerts for front-end web applications based on metrics like website speed, JavaScript issues, and HTTP status codes and geolocation, browser, OS, and more, as well as create your own custom Smart Alerts.

These enhancements saw that the minimal configuration alerting baseline and configurations provided for front-end web applications is now extended to all applications. The new metric simplified its reporting characteristics to the industry best practice. The new four blueprints that allow you to define your Smart Alerts within Instana are:

  •   Slow calls
  •   Erroneous calls
  •   HTTP status codes
  •   Unexpectedly high or low number of calls

Benefits of Smart Alerts For Application Perspectives

Introducing out of the box blueprints for smart alerts and robot

Have you ever wondered how to improve your MTTP  with minimal configuration? Smart Alerts provides a user-friendly interface that caters to both advanced and nonadvanced members of the DevOps team. Let’s explore some of the benefits:

  • Out-of-the-box blueprints – There has been a growing need for development teams to also set up alerting and monitoring for their services using intelligent templates without relying on specialists in their organizations like SREs. Smart Alerts makes this a breeze for all users, while allowing advanced users to have fine control over how alerts are configured when desired.
  • Fine-granular control for advanced usersThe unique ability to fine-tune when alert notifications are dispatched in violation of the underlying alert condition. For example, alerts can be configured to be dispatched only when a specified number of users are impacted.
  • Flexible definition of alert scope – Smart Alerts for Application Perspectives features unbounded scoping, which means there is no limit to the ways you can set the detection scope within any alert.

How to create a Smart Alert for Application Perspectives

  • Pick an application perspective, service or endpoint

Screenshot of how to pick an application perspective, service or endpoint

  • Hit the Add Smart Alert button

Screenshot of how to hit the Smart Alert button

  • Choose blueprint

Screenshot of how to choose a blueprint in Instana Smart Alerts

  • Select or refine scope

Screenshot of how to select or refine scope

  • (Optional) Tweak the alert condition and when you want to be alerted in advance mode

Screenshot of how to tweak the alert condition

  • Select alert channel

Screenshot of how to select alert channel

Global Smart Alerts: allows you to create alerts across multiple Application Perspectives. To do this, click on the Smart Alerts options, a page of the current out-of-the-box alerts is displayed along with any new global Smart Alerts that you’ve created.

Use APIs to programmatically create alerts: As before, you can use our REST APIs to programmatically create alert configurations. This enables you to capture alert configuration as code, and to build automation around setting up of alerts.

With this update, Smart Alerts for Application Perspectives will replace our currently existing custom-events and built-in-events for entity-types application, service and endpoint. These alert types shall be marked as deprecated within the Instana UI. We’ve also built a utility to help you migrate custom events for application, service or endpoints to Smart Alerts. 

You’re probably wondering What’s next?

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