Java 9 Monitoring and Four Other Reasons to Attend JavaOne

Five Bucket-List Items for a Week in San Francisco

Java 9 Monitoring Debuts at JavaOne

JavaOne Conference I get excited thinking about big conferences like JavaOne. Sure, small conferences are good, but a big conference is full of lots of extras. If you’re making the trek to San Francisco next week, here are five things to put on your JavaOne Bucket list. (Hint: One of them is to see a demo of the first APM solution to fully support Java 9)


  • Keynotes – and More Keynotes
    With the release of Java 9, the Java Product Keynotes on Monday morning should be fantastic. And on Wednesday, the Cloud Keynote titled From Serverless to ServiceFull—How the Mindset of DevOps Is Evolving promises to be something special, too.
  • Get a Demo of Instana – and your very own Squeezy Stan
    Okay, so this one is obviously a plug (sorry), but you really should see a demo of our APM solution for modern dynamic applications. After all, we’re the first APM solution to fully support applications running Java 9 (excellent for microservices built on Java). And it’s the only way to get your Squeezy Stan.
  • See Royal Machines
    The last day of Oracle Open World usually has a great concert, and this year is no exception. The cover group Royal Machines plays so many different things, they’re kind of like the Microservices of rock bands (okay, too geeky).
  • Have dinner in Chinatown
    When I lived in San Francisco, nothing quite matched a trip through Chinatown. The shops are fun and the atmosphere is neat, but the food is incredible. It’s just a few blocks away.
  • Ride a Cable Car
    Even the locals love riding cable cars, so get out there and enjoy clunking down the track. Go all the way to end down in the Marina, have a chocolate milkshake at Ghirardelli Square (or something more potent at the bar that invented Irish Coffee). But riding a cable car is just plain fun (and cheaper than a taxi – oops, Uber)

Last week, Java 9 became the official JDK. It has all kinds of great features and all kinds of repercussions for APM tools. Next week, Instana will be one of the vendors highlighting just how cool Java 9 can be, showcasing our APM solution for modern dynamic applications – and the only APM tool that can monitor and trace Java 9 based microservices.

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