KubeCon – The Last Event of Instana’s Container Season

Showcasing AI-Powered APM for Orchestrated Containerized Applications

In September, we kicked off our Container Season with a two show effort – MesosCon in Los Angeles and HashiConf in Austin. It’s been a fantastic 2 months, resulting in over 36,000 miles of travel across two continents. Next week, we finish off container season where it started as we travel to Austin for KubeCon.

Showcasing Application Monitoring in Orchestrated Environments

It’s fitting that we’re ending at KubeCon, since we’ve worked on some fantastic Kubernetes-centric activities over the last 6 months:

Here are four reasons you should make the trip to central Texas and KubeCon next week:

  • Hear fantastic speakers from Red Hat, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and more
  • Take advantage of hands-on learning sessions
  • Stop by Instana’s booth to see our AI-Powered APM solution (and get a Squeezy Stan)
  • Watch the bats on the Congress Avenue Bridge

We look forward to seeing you there. Make sure you come by the booth, pick up some swag and get a demo of our AI-powered APM solution for orchestrated containerized applications.

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