Latest Instana OpenShift Operator Automatically Collects OpenTelemetry on Red Hat OpenShift

The Evolution of APM and Cloud-Native Applications
Co-authored by Josh Wood, Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat
Instana Enterprise Observability

Instana’s Enterprise Observability platform handles the unique needs of Cloud-Native Applications. Even before Instana became an IBM company, Instana was optimized to work with Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform. Instana is available on OperatorHub and Red Hat Marketplace, packaged as an Operator for OpenShift that we whimsically call the Instana OpenShift Kubernetes Operator. The latest releases of the Operator and Instana itself brings some pretty cool automated goodness to OpenShift.

The Power of Kubernetes Operators

It’s easy to add features and services to OpenShift by extending its Kubernetes core with Operators. Operators provide a way to distribute applications and integrate services on OpenShift. The Operator Hub has hundreds of examples of applications, services, and frameworks neatly bundled with their own Operator that understands their internal state and how to tend it.

OpenShift comes with essential platform and workload monitoring facilities, showing graphical overviews of cluster and workload performance in the OpenShift Web Console. Instana works alongside OpenShift’s native monitoring to help you drill down to the next level, including observability features and predictive capabilities that adapt to your applications at runtime.

Instana introduced the Instana OpenShift Kubernetes Operator in 2019. The Operator deploys and manages the Instana agent, letting users focus on monitoring their applications rather than configuring the monitoring system for their cluster.

Screenshot: An Instana dashboard monitoring an OpenShift cluster
An Instana dashboard monitoring an OpenShift cluster
Instana’s Latest OpenShift Operator and OpenTelemetry

As of the most recent version, the Instana OpenShift Kubernetes Operator activates the OpenTelemetry collector endpoint on the agent, automating the process of collecting OpenTelemetry data from Red Hat OpenShift workloads. By activating the OpenTelemetry collector endpoint with Instana’s OpenShift Kubernetes Operator, Instana continues its theme of creating a fully automated observability solution for Kubernetes Platforms such as — but not limited to — Red Hat OpenShift. With Instana’s automated observability solution, there is no need to spend time configuring monitoring capabilities within services and applications; data is collected automatically at the simple deployment of a host agent.

Instana shares OpenShift’s — mmmm — well, openness; and this makes it easier for them to work together, as well as with other open / open-source projects and protocols. The Instana agent scheduled on every cluster node can ingest and collate traces and metrics from popular systems like Prometheus, Jaeger Zipkin, Kiali, and Lens. In fact, Instana takes in OpenShift-native Prometheus data to further inform advanced Instana observability features like automatic root-cause analysis and AutoTrace.

Instana provides real-time observability for the entire enterprise while also providing increased operational efficiency for OpenShift environments, and Instana’s Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Operator is just one example of that. Instana can aid in the acceleration of migrations of workloads to OpenShift with end-to-end visibility before and after migration, and accelerate deployment pipelines for OpenShift. For more Information on what extra capabilities Instana can deliver to a Red Hat OpenShift environment, visit Instana’s webpage on Instana and OpenShift or visit the Instana and Red Hat virtual booths at KubeCon EU.


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