A look back on SRECON EMEA 2019

Last month I had the chance to visit SRECON19 EMEA in Dublin for the very first time (or any SRECON for that matter).

I have been to quite a few conferences over the path of my career so far, but this one left me impressed. Never before have I seen such a high quality of content on a consistent level over a whole conference. As the videos of the talks are now being published, I wanted to take the time to look back on some of my highlights of the conference.

At the start, Yaniv Aknin delivered a great introduction to the SRE approach and its facets with The SRE I aspire to be. Right after Prof. Nancy Leveson from the MIT very entertainingly talked about parallels of reliability that can be found in other fields like nuclear power systems and aerospace in A Systems Approach to Safety and Cybersecurity. It was also great to see a big interest in Jamie Woo’s talk The Unmonitored Failure Domain: Mental Health.

A bunch of presentations were based around introducing SRE in smaller organizations and the differences this brings with it, Mathew Huxtable’s From Nothing to SRE: Practical Guidance on Implementing SRE in Smaller Organisations being a good example.

Will Larson’s How Stripe Invests in Technical Infrastructure addressed a topic that a lot of fast-growing SaaS companies face. Another great talk was Dan Na’s Pushing through Friction where he explored the increasing organizational friction fast-growing companies face and how to deal with them to stay on top.

There were a lot of other great talks, but too many to mention them all. These were just the ones that stuck most with me and I very much enjoyed the whole conference and all the conversations encompassing it.

Go take a look at the Usenix Youtube channel, where all available videos have been posted now.

I for one am already looking forward to next year’s installment of SRECon!

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